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      High-speed automatic walking foot zigzag sewing machine




      Product Description

      BS-2280 High speed automatic walking foot zigzag sewing machine

      The machine adopts a rotary take-up lever to realize the good sewing with stable stitch. It is equipped with a hook-driving shaft-offset mechanism, which places the hook rotating shaft off-center from the center of zigzag needle stroke. This mechanism allows the blade point of teh hook to catch the thread every time regardless of the needle throwing direction.The machine is immune to sewing troubles, such as stitch skipping and thread breakage. For the flexible materials, micro presser foot lifting device lift the presser foot slightly to ensure the beautiful stitches. New design of bobbin winder make it more convenient.
      BS-2284 cab be for straight stitch, two steps zigzag stitch, four steps zigzag stitch.
      BS-2288 It can make 11 kinds of patterns according to different offset cam.