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      Cylinder bed single needle sewing machine for seat cushion maker




      Product Description

       BSL-341 is tube type heavy duty lockstitch sewing machine,especially designed for bag manufacturing.Strong structure,innovative design.

      It is using sliding lever thread take-up,vertical rotating hook,double thread lockstitch,the upper and lower shaft through the timing belt,compound feed  by presser foot,feed dog and needle ,lever type stitch regulator.High presser foot stroke with big stitch length cooperate with the tube type sewing table.It is suitable to sew massive bag,luggage suitcase,seat cushion,especially for edge seaming on luggage bags.


      BSL-4600 is long arm flatbed sewing machine with a winder working space.The wide presser foot lifter device can be customized according to requirement of factory's operation,reverse stitch with push button type switch in front of the head and easy to operate.The overall performance of the machine keep the characteristic of smooth running,low noise and high durability.Suitable for stitching car covers, car seats,safety belts,summer sleeping mat,tents,parachutes,gliding parachutes,sails and other large work.