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      Industrial standard overlock sewing machine price




      Product Description

      Entire department equipped with the new taiwan DINO FE-810 high efficient energy saving automatic overlock sewing thread cutting system &KSM-50 series automatic direct drive overlock servo control system,this system can helps you,save 75%electricity,increase 35% production,save 85% thread usage(save 1 on 4 threads) and save air (completion of one process within one second),save thread oil.the costs of the device can be returned within a year.

      Safety and thread locking function

      1.Safety:stitching any angles of fabric will not gets cut and do not require adjusting machines and control box

      2.Thread locking function:prevent thread loosen with short lint.

      This cutter is suitable for the 3-thread,4-thread and 5-thread technique

      This new type overlock machine with nice looking is the integration of mechanical-eletronical which combined with accurate mechanism and computer technology.It is widely applied to various materials of joint seam and decoration seam for clothes,underwear,bedding,thin packing.and leather products.Parts are made of wear-resistant design,more wear-resistant,more durable,reducing the repair rate and reduce costs.