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      Factory sewing thread machine portable bag closer with top quality





      GK26-1A/GK26-2A  Single/Double Chainstitch Portable bag Closer.

      GK8-4 Middle Speed Bag Closer

      GK35RL High Speed Bag Closer with automatic trimming thread

      GK9800 is High Speed Bag Closing Sewing Machine


      GK26-1A Portable Bag Closer Sewing Machine

      gk26-1a bag closer and sewing machine/hand bag sewing machine/sewing machine for bags


      GK26-1A portable bag closer
      1)The portable bag closer is designed to closer bags made of paper,burlap,plastic,PP woven fabrics and other bag making materials now available in the market .
      2)The machine used new type Handle and Oil Lubrication Pump,the function is more better and strong of the handle.

      1.Single needle single thread chain stitch 101 portable bag closer.
      2.Speed upto 1650rpm.
      3.Fix stitch length 8.5mm.
      4.Improved looper and simple mechanism.
      5.Built-in automatic thread chain cutter.
      6.Improved needle plate and presser foot ensure the thread chain anti-damage during stitching, and the longer needle hole and corresponding groove in the needle plate will be very helpful for fine stitch firmness.
      7.Heat treatment for all parts, deep anti-rust.
      8.Ergonomically design, perfectly fits operator's hand and permits effortless operate the Keestar GK26-1A portabel bag closer.
      9.Well assembly quality, ensure the stable quality.
      10.Robust construction and safety design.
      11.Built-in oil pump lubrication system.
      12.Anti-blocking oil line with felt and spring inside, and direct lubricant to main moving parts.
      13.Steel cam(No plastic cams)
      14.Trouble-free continuous operation.