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      Supplying professional computer embroidery machine price




      Product Description

      supplying professional computer embroidery machine price

      Use Range:

      Ordinary flat embroidery and cap embroidery of T-shirts,sports shirt and other garments.

      Power protection function: When the power suddenly loses, the machine can automatically search suspended state when the power failure and continue embroidering restart.

      Especially suitable for cylinder frame and the side frame type,display with fast speed and most clearly,easy to operate.Match with AC servo motor drive, make the stitch more steadily.


      Rotation type detecting disconnection device

      At high speeds can also be detected in the upper and lower breakage.

      The pattern data management

      Can arrange all kinds of pattern for data processing(including the pattern name,the number of needles,the color conversion times,etc.)

      Clear the short stitch function automatically 

      Clear the short stitches,improve production efficiency

      Low-noise design

      New muting device can reduce the noise and create a quiet and pleasant working environment to the operators.

      Storage capacity

      Standard storage capacity:2000.000 needles, can store up to 200 designs.