Heavy duty double needle industrial leather sewing machine

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      Product Description

      Industrial heavy duty leather sewing machine

      With two straight needles, self-lubricated vertical axis rotary hook and sliding thread take up, the machine can produce two lines lockstitch. Needle Bar and feed dog synchro feeding ensures homogeneous stitch and precents materials slipping. Knob type stitch regulator and lever type reverse feeding mechanism permit convenient operation. The arm shaft and hook are supported by ball bearing. With timing belt drive and plunger pump for lubrication.
      *With split needle bar, it’s suitable for corner sewing.
      *BSL-20618/BSD-20628 are heavy duty compound feed lockstitch sewing machine, So it is especially available in the stitching car seat cushion, safety belts, safety belts, safety air bags, tents, parachutes, etc.
      *Needle gauge: (Standard)6.4mm, (Special)2.4 3.2 4.8 5.6 8 9.5 12.7 mm.

      Detailed Images

      Packing & Delivery

      Standard packing with carton 
      Delivery time: Normally 10 days after receiving the deposit. 



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