New Motorcycle Club in Udon Thani Has Its First Ride.

    A new motorcycle club has been started in Udon Thani and had its first ride Oct 1st.  According to club organizer Scott G, Farang Riders got started after hearing too many times “let’s go for a ride sometime”, “somebody should organize a motorcycle ride”. So finally I just picked a name, a place and time to meet, made a flier and spread the word.  Farang Riders – Udon Thani was created and 11 riders showed up for our first ride. Many nationalities, 7 Americans, 1 Belgian, 1 Norwegian, 1 Swede, 1 Aussie and a variety of motorcycles,  2 Honda 500x, 3 Honda PCX’s, 2 Honda Forza’s, 2 Yamaha N-Max’s, 1 Bernelli 500x, 1 Harley-Davidson.

 According to Scott, “we are only a club in the loosest definition of the word imaginable”. What we do is stated on our flier “Were just a bunch of guys that get together for a fun ride. 1-2 hours out, eat lunch, then back”. Then we mostly discuss important issues like motorcycles, beer and women. It’s important to note that we have, (a name, a meeting place and time, an e-mail address: ). It’s also important to note what we don’t have, (No Club Charter, No membership roll, No Dues, No President, No Vice President, No Sgt. At Arms, No Agenda, No Rules, No Patch, No colors, No Initiation, No Website).

We started our ride at our Home base “Monkey’s Bar” and rode out to Kinnaree Restaurant in Ban Dung for some lunch. About a 75km ride each way. Monkey’s is a restaurant/bar in Udonthani owned by Anna, who is also the best cook in Udonthani.

The Monkey’s Bar and Restaurant
The Kinnaree is run by Frenchman Lionel and wife Nang in Ban Dung

After lunch, a safe and fun ride back for beers with Anna at Monkey’s

Our clubs plan is to have a ride once a month to a different place. We meet on the 1st Tuesday of every month, 10:00am at Monkey’s Bar & Restaurant. Anybody looking for a fun ride is welcome. Any questions send an e-mail to

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