Udon Man Sets Fire To His Benz Because Rich Daddy Wouldn’t Pay His Bar Bill


Picture: Thai Rath

A son of a property developer in Udon Thani ran up a 5,000 baht bar bill at Tawan Daeng Pub in Udon Thani then told staff he had no money to pay. 

They knew him well and let him drive off and find his mother and father to get the money. 

But Kittisak Kritklao’s wealthy father refused to bail him out and he drove off in a huff. 

Kittisak hit a bridge on the Ban Leuam to Na Sai road and ended up in a field. 

He then doused his CLS 250 CDI Mercedes Benz (2012) in gasoline and set fire to it. 

Friends then came and picked him up and took him to hospital. 

Police and fire services at the scene found his stony faced father – he was property developer Pilot Officer La-iat Kritklao and he wouldn’t say anything to reporters. 

But Udon Thani police chief Pol Col Sarayuth Champhiw said that the father told him that his son was suffering from mental issues and liked to make trouble. He told him all about his son’s night out. 

The car appears to be on hire purchase as it is owned by a bank. 

The police plan on interviewing Kittisak – known as “Sia Toom Tam – when he recovers. 

(Source: – Thai Rath)

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