Isaan Scorpion Burger “Aroi Maak”! The North Eastern Big Mac With A Sting In The Tail!

Daily News reported that people in the north east of Thailand love to eat scorpions – a creature called maengpong in standard Thai but known as “kha la” in Isaan dialects.


There are many ways of cooking the creatures found in the fields such as just fried, in steamed curry (hor mok), nam phrik (a spicy condiment) or in regular curry.

But one woman told the city slickers of Daily News – probably more used to Big Macs rather than such delicacies – that a great way to eat the creatures was in a kind of burger.

Nen Phimsing, 42, in Jorm Phra district of Surin said she would go out at night armed with a torch and trap the scorpions using a spade when they came out of their holes.

If she got a lot she would share them with her neighbors.

She revealed an interesting dish like a burger that has been handed down in her family for generations. She chops up the scorpions then mixes them with egg, dried chili and basil and gives the resulting mixture a turn on the barbie.

Voila Isaan Scorpion Burger!

The other main difference between this and Ray Kroc’s burgers is that she does not use a bun – her family and neighbors eat the burger with rice!

And the verdict is that they are “aroi maak maak” or “saep eelee” – yummy in any language!

(Source: – Daily News)

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